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bibleFIDE-O was started by two pastors (Jason and Scott) when they realized that there were a lot of unchallenged heresies and errors on the internet. FIDE-O became very popular very quickly (to the surprise of the two pastors) and is a favorite among many Christians, especially those who are Reformed in their faith such as Calvinists.

The Evangelical Outpost said that the guys of FIDE-O “are to the Five Solas what the Jesuits are to the Pope.”

This blog discusses many subjects such as theology, politics, culture, sports, entertainment, and humor. On any given day this blog can get serious, funny, or even disputatious. But one thing is for sure… FIDE-O is never boring.


Pronounced “fido”, this blog is named in honor of sola fide and the Reformation. It aims to stimulate a helpful and entertaining conversation among Christians about life and doctrine. Enjoy.


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2 Kings 17:41 — Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did.

Best five Greatest Quadcopters for Aerial Filming

Also you should use the camera’s biggest all-time personal video, so a good clip of good air quality will always be a constant problem. This is particularly accurate should a helicopter or an ultralight plane to shoot. On one hand, it is quite expensive to do and other questions you will see some very large equipment needed to calm the camera for the duration of flights.

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

Thanks quadricopter, aerial photography is now easier and safer than ever. Meanwhile, soil and quadricopter DJI prepared here have the largest. All have been tested and each is very good at his personal approach.

Among the quadricopter in the market, the new model Dji Phantom Vision Review is one of the largest, which with its potential for great video report due to the fact cleaning your three-axis gimbal considered. With a built in HD FPV camera and redesigned hyperlink, you can broadcast live video and still images from the quadricopter to your smartphone. On the subject of comfort, 2 + Vision trumps the rest due to the fact of the suspension and a camera is currently connected to the machine, so the configuration headaches.

DJI-Phantom-2-Vision-Plus-Body-150x150The best back Quadcopter is the vision of two. This really is a little less expensive than the Plus and maybe be good enough for many customers. However, 1080p movies, but does not include camera gimbal assembly. The recordings of the two vision can be taken, however, that simply offset-two-vision-setting. Check out the vision of two look-a a lot more to do/

In the event that currently has a GoPro Hero3: Black Version or another GoPro camera, then it is possible that you may need to use with the Phantom Zenmuse. This will allow higher on the film good quality aerial photographs using the advanced capabilities of the GoPro Hero3. The disadvantage is that you FPV out of the box you can not.

Although DIY is used, this engine is mated to a professional qualification in aerial photographs. It is capable of carrying a heavy load and offers more flexible options such as the type of camera you can use with it, it was a movement of the camera or DSLR. What is wonderful is regarding the GPS quadricopter is for portability, why is a retractable landing gear touchdown and attributes Folding body. There is also a G-2. Brushless camera orientation that is suitable with GoPro Hero three. As an added bonus, the QR X800 GPS has much more than 40 minutes of flight.

Hubsan-X4-H107C-Red-Up-Close-150x150This unit follows the same platform as the only DJI Phantom, but with additional features. Now comes with a camera first person view, which can be indifferent to a 6 channel 5.8 GHz transmitter, Wi-Fi and V2-M Naza flight controller with IOC. The Dji Phantom Fc40 Review was designed to help you get started on aerial photographs immediately. Just make sure you get an iOS or Android smartphone that also requires the Best Quadcopter.

Know that even if some do not come cheap these quadricopter. If less air film is his passion, but the price could not be. Top 5 Very best quad helicopter for film and production

Installation of GoPro DJI Quadcopter

Once it arrives I’ll post some pictures in x5C Quadcopter and let everyone know how easy it is to prepare, and we hope to fly!

I’ve waited some time to get this Quadcopter of Banggood so here goes!

Quadcopter is very beautiful light on a little shaken when the wind caught it, but in no time at all what I feel like I’m losing management.

Once it arrives I’ll post some pictures of x5C Quadcopter and let me you all know how easy it really is to set up, and hope to fly! It really is that the ability to automatically stabilize and remain located in a fixed position to make a line of Phantom 2 quadcopters really simple to fly.


In Phantom 2 models tubeless, fans can buy and connect gimbals their own installation GoPros DJI actually tend to make your accessories, but these gimbals ranged from $100-$400 according to the number of axes stability in addition to that they will have to make the camera your own.

Our experiments showed that the vision Phantom 2 + can fly and record video in a little over 20 minutes with a full charge, which may be short of demand DJI 25 minutes. You can follow this link if you want to read the Syma X1 Review.

Hubsan is identified by RC Airplanes and helicopters, and many different models to choose from, so you may know more than your website. Quadcopters happens to be around since the 1920s, but did not grow to be popular in the field of RC helicopter until recently.

  • Many are constructed from manned aircraft do not use now using this design Quadcopter very reason.
  • If you liked this article quick and you definitely would like more information about the robot camera controlled Quadcopter please navigate through the site.

Requires the construction of interesting in Phantom 2 really is the ability to broadcast directly, because broadcast source to a portable device, and the videos and images can be uploaded to sites and social media despite the fact that the camera is on a journey. Guards at the camera not only offers protection for the camera, but also, as a bonus, as a base station and one of the added accessories or equipment in the Phantom.

It can even act as a stand for the camera cameras parts.

Hubsan QuadX4 gives H107C Hubsan integrated video camera (either in standard definition or high definition) with quadcopter, it provide a more stable platform and the entire process easier. Although the packages two.0 AR.Drone in a lot of punch in a small package, certainly has its limits.

It will also be fun to see what happens when you fly with ghost 5.eight RC FPV quad after regularly using the exact same 5.eight for video transmission. New to this model, featuring Phantom 2 has been simplified and 5200 mAh battery technology in the previous version.

Will Quadcopter in GPS mode to stop as soon as the release of the remaining controls and floating in a horizontal position and vertical fixed.