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bibleFIDE-O was started by two pastors (Jason and Scott) when they realized that there were a lot of unchallenged heresies and errors on the internet. FIDE-O became very popular very quickly (to the surprise of the two pastors) and is a favorite among many Christians, especially those who are Reformed in their faith such as Calvinists.

The Evangelical Outpost said that the guys of FIDE-O “are to the Five Solas what the Jesuits are to the Pope.”

This blog discusses many subjects such as theology, politics, culture, sports, entertainment, and humor. On any given day this blog can get serious, funny, or even disputatious. But one thing is for sure… FIDE-O is never boring.


Pronounced “fido”, this blog is named in honor of sola fide and the Reformation. It aims to stimulate a helpful and entertaining conversation among Christians about life and doctrine. Enjoy.


Our Quote of The Day

2 Kings 17:41 — Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did.

Selecting The Ideal Spincast Reel – Supercasters Explained

If you’d like a lightweight reel that casts farther than any other spinning reel available on the market, the U.S Reels organization has the reel for you. They make the SX series of spinning reels, which I feel are the greatest on the market for the price tag. They’re created with lightweight carbon fiber elements, high high quality SDS drag system, four ABEC stainless steel ball bearings and wide spool style for long, smooth, correct casts.

The 180SX weighs only 7.2 ounces. The 230SX weighs in at 8.9 ounces while the 240SX weighs 9.9 ounces. These are several of the lightest reels on the market, which tends to make them easier to cast and also you don’t get tired so swiftly! They function wonderful with braid line too as Monofilament line.

I'm In Fishing JourneyThe 230SX Supercaster utilizes proprietary materials inside a high stress stack system that ca produce more drag than all however the largest spinning reels. Yet another feature is this reel has a sealed drag generating it excellent for saltwater as well as freshwater fishing applications.

The supercaster has a larger diameter spool relative to the drag disks. This leverage signifies the supercaster starts with less loading and more rapidly than all other reels.

That signifies the drag may be set larger than all other reels. Furthermore, the exclusive SDS steady drag program compensates for drag temperature increases and reduced line as line is paid out to ensure that drag tension remains the same throughout the fight. You’ll be able to select the best fishing rods for northern pike with the help of our guide.

  • Other rewards in the wide spool design, is much less line twist which signifies less line is wrapped around the spool. By reducing the twist it reduces the line memory which signifies fewer line manage difficulties and higher casting efficiency.
  • Casting distance is yet another benefit in the supercaster reels. The wide design place line on the spool in bigger loops so on the cast those larger loops will explode off the reel for casts as much as 30% farther than the lengthy nose reels.


The supercasters are the most versatile reels. 1 supercaster model can fulfill the needs of up to 4 sizes of a competitor’s reel. As an example, the 180 SX can fulfill the need to have of a 500 size up to a 2500 size reel. The 230SX from a 1000 size to a 4000 size reel, and also the 240SX from a 2000 size to a 5000 size reel. Know more information about baitfeeder spinning reel reviews in this article.

If you want the very best spinning reels available on the market right now, I would suggest looking at the Supercaster reeels from the U.S. Reel organization. You don’t have to devote plenty of cash on the best.

How Humor and Laughter Can Improve Your Relationship

Has long been considered one of the humor and the most effective tools to judge the quality of any relationship . If there is laughter present can assume that a healthy relationship . When the laughter stops you can be sure that the relationship is on a downward slide . This can be applied to any measure of laughter relationship at home , at work and play. Laughter means that you are having fun and fun means that things are going well .. Take a look at the relationships around you. Couples do not laugh a lot together? Stop laughing at some of your relationships ?

Here are some ideas that you can use to ensure that laughter is still the ever-present reality in their relationships to ensure its quality and durability. Remember the introduction of humor in relationships previously humorless may take a long time , but the results will be worth the effort . Start slowly , and work on her fun-loving and cheerful disposition . Laughter and humor are contagious so it will not be long before others catch the bug  or finding out men secretly want.

  • Remember that humor is learned , not inherited .
  • A commitment to become a dog of humor . Find humor everywhere . When it hits something funny enjoy. Allow the flow of laughter . After the event has passed to remember the fun and enjoy it and laugh again.
  • Begin to cultivate an atmosphere of humor and laughter in relationships. Try to enjoy and share the mood as much as you can.
  • If you do not laugh as much as you want to correct the situation and start connecting with a sense of humor , and fun-loving people , and avoid sedatives .
  • Learn to laugh at yourself . Otherwise, you can leave the work to others .
  • Find the fun elements in your paper and cut and post . I remember reading the classifieds for one night and found this gem : ” The candidate must have 203 years of experience ,” it is clear that the writer means 2 or 3 years experience . And immediately cut off and put it in my collection for future use .
  • Encourage others to share their own humor . Listen and appreciate it when they do. When you see someone you enjoy your contribution humorous will be eager to continue to participate .
  • In my full day workshops mood I always ask participants to divide into groups and begin sharing the funniest thing that happened to them than ever before . Laughter that this activity generates simple is a joy to behold. Your friends will try this sometime.
  • Collect fees and jokes and put them on the screen on the fridge or bulletin board . Be sure to avoid humor racism , sexism or dirty . And a lot of humor to go clean without resorting to them . Remember that there is a difference between dirty and earthy humor . Personally , I like the earthy humor . I do not like dirty material .
  • Check comedy films and television programs whenever possible .
  • Use humor to neutralize conflict in their relationships and to make your lover commit. When it is put to use things tense mood of self-criticism to clear things . I remember one night having a discussion with my wife , Carol . In the midst of this moment , and said something completely out of place . She said something hurtful . In my surprise I looked at her and said, ” Carol , when you say things like that down to my level ,” I laughed and I also did not take a long time before things return to normal .